2.5-inch SSD/HDU PCI/e Backplane Adaptor Bracket

High-Density SSD/HDU PCIe Slot Chassis for PC, Server or Rackmount
Running out of free-space to add extra SSD or HDU storage devices to your desktop, server or rackmount computers? The newly developed SSD-PCI is a nonconductive, plastic polymer design chassis which is designed to fit into almost any vacant PCIe slot as found in most systems today.

Simply attach your existing 2.5-inch storage device and simply slot the SSD-PCI into a PCIe slot (which the PCIe connector is also non-conductive of course!) and screw down the integral riser bracket as you would normally do on any PCIe adapter card. It’s that easy. Ideal for when space to add extra storage drivers is running low, such as a fully populated front drive-bay, the SSD-PCI is a low-cost and simple device which will give your systems the ability to add extra storage in no time.

- Polycarbonate, Non-conductive SSD/HDU Chassis 
- Ideal Cradle for 2.5-inch Form-factor Storage Devices
- Fits into Any Standard PCI/e Expansion Slot
- Integral Riser Bracket for Secure Attachment
- Expand your Computers Data Storage Potential
- Quick and Easy to Fit, Ideal for System Builders
- Compatible with PCs, Servers, Rack-mount Devices