GameMax Ghost Sound-Dampened Black Case


– Design: The Ghost; professional and smartly designed for silent computing, with internal high-density noise-reduction, leaving the exterior sleek & modern to take the appearance to the next level.
– Silent Edition Side Panel: Sound-dampening materials are built into the front, top and both side panels – designed for silent computing with high-density noise-reduction.
– Cooling Fan Support: The Ghost can support up to 4 fans, with 1 x 140mm black fan at the back to reduce any overheating of your internal components.
– Water-Cooling Support: As well as being able to fit up to four fans you can enhance your cooling further with room for up to a 280mm radiator at the front and room for a 120mm/140mm radiator at the back offering extensive cooling support.
– Removable Dust Filter: A dust filter on the bottom of the Ghost helps to prevent dust from getting into your build and helps improve the performance of your chassis.
– I\O Ports: The Ghost comes with super speed 2 USB3.0 ports and HD audio which are conveniently located on the top right-hand side for easy user access.

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